Tab India begins in 1997 when brothers Amit & Sumit Gupta undertook trading operations between India and America. Armed with little more than a fax machine and determination, success came fast to the team and ground was soon broken on factory No. 1 in Bangalore. As demand increased for a reliable and competent partner in India for natural stone, Tab India supplied well, their raw material requirement increased and soon ground was broken on quarry No. 1 of Tab India in the state of Tamil Nadu, India. In 15 years, the company has amassed more than 20 quarries, multiple processing factories and established itself as the formidable force in both the processing and quarrying of natural stone in both India and around the world.


In recent years, the conceptual side of the brand has since taken on a new life when the global crisis of 2008 required everyone to think smarter and work harder than any time before. Tab India has since expanded its distribution network to more than fifty countries and concentrated heavily on its two core competencies of processing and quarrying. This refinement of activity gives Tab India the quality control and raw material power that embody the symbol and the enduring character of Tab India – the elephant.

Tab India started with the firm idea that Granite is not a commodity, but something special that deserves a unique approach and respect. This notion has been embodied in the brand name TAB INDIA from its conception and it continues to this day. Starting from the basics; the quality, the cutting, and the polish have been the primary focus. In addition, the nomenclature, the marketing, the careful selection of distributors – TAB INDIA has gone to great lengths to brand and rebrand beautiful materials uniquely. The refinement of the sales and distribution of its product lines is also essential to the brand ethos, holding great respect for the geographies of distributors, their territories and natural stone itself. At Tab India, there is a dedication not just to stone, but to nature, society, arts. It’s a labor of love, not just data input, profit/loss and hours on the clock. Every aspect of what we do, why we do it and how we do it has to be uniquely TAB INDIA, every aspect has to be uniquely superior and has to be our brand.

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