How environmentally sound is a Tab India granite slab? Tab India is not a company that stands around to see how or if law will mandate measures to care for and consider the natural world. Tab India holds itself to different standards as a highly conscientious environmental leader in the stone industry in India that uses innovative technology and common sense to battle inefficiency and environmental indifference. Always ahead of its time and operating well within all statutory legal compliance, sustainability and waste efficiency have become a vital part of company culture.

  • All factory steel is recycled
  • Cement-grit byproduct from gangsaw production is repurposed as masonry bricks
  • Excess and broken slabs and tiles have found a decorative new life as mosaics and floor pavers with the help of a new stone stamping and splitting machine.
  • As water and power are two very scarce resources in India, never to be taken for granted, Tab India invested heavily into an on-site water filtration plant for water reuse and has also bought into an alternative energy power grid of wind power that helps offset inland energy consumption.

With TAB’s more recent endeavor into the quarrying business, a new set of circumstances and environmental issues have presented the company with a challenge. Rather than ignore the responsibility to the beautiful plateaus of South India, Tab has vaulted ahead with a policy of restoration and beautification after use.

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